Bay Cities Brokerage Contingency Plan
Notice for Hwy 101 Road Closure

Due to the Hwy 101 road closure, BCB will be unable to utilize transportation providers from the northern side of the closure area that includes the communities of Port Orford, Bandon and Coos Bay/North Bend.

For anyone living south of the closure or those north of the closure whose regular provider is inaccessible, BCB first priority will be to those members who require transportation services for life and limb sustaining appointments. This may include Dialysis and Wound treatments, Radiation and Chemotherapy etc. The priority will be determined at the time of the call into the Brokerage call center when the ride is being scheduled.

As always, BCB will work with Advanced Health in locating and transporting clients to providers that may be better able to serve their members in a different geographical area then they would customarily receive these services.

BCB is aware that some clients may choose to utilize the reimbursement benefit due to the road closures.  We will continue to encourage this benefit for any members who choose this option and we recognize this will increase the customary mileage as well as the food and lodging benefit that might not have normally been applied.

Please reach out to Advanced Health Customer Service Department at 541-269-7400 for assistance with your individual situation.