OHP Renewals have started. Free help is available by phone, online, and in-person.  Please make sure you update your address and phone number with OHP.  Watch your mail for notices from OHA over the next several months.  Follow the instructions they give you right away.  Call Advanced Health Customer Service for more information or to be connected with an Application Assister.  Failing to respond could result in losing your benefits.
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Your Oregon Health Plan & Benefits

Contact OHP if you need help when applying. Click the below link to find a local assistor in you area.

OHP Contact Information:

Telephone (toll-free): 1-800-699-9075 (TTY 711)
Email: (the e-mail address is for changes only)

Members can contact OHP for help:

  • Changing your address, phone number, family status, CCO or other information
  • Replacing a lost OHP Card
  • Checking the status of your application
  • Seeing if you or your children are still covered by OHP
  • Changing plans

Services That May Require Pre-Authorization

Many services need authorization. You can look at the provider directory on our website to see which providers are in our network.
*Please look at the table below to see if the service you need requires a pre-authorization.

To see this list in Spanish, click here.

To see this list in Large Print, click here.

*Please note the above tables are for in-network providers. Care from out-of-network providers usually require a pre-authorization. Please call Member Services for more information.