Attention providers:

Advanced Health is pleased to announce the roll out of our new provider portal, located at:


The new provider portal will allow users to verify eligibility and PCP assignment, check claim and authorization status, and offers new features such as the ability to review adjudication details for finalized claims as well as the ability to download “835” Remittances and Explanation of Payments (EOPs) on demand.

Please note: The new portal will replace the existing provider portal at docshp.com, which will cease to be accessible. If you have not already registered for portal access, please click the link above and register as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in service.

Additionally, Effective September 1st 2021, Advanced Health will no longer distribute printed or PDF versions of EOPs (Explanation of Payments).

Advanced health will deliver this information solely through the new provider portal.

835s will continue to be available from our clearinghouse (Trizetto), as well as via the new portal.

Please contact emilie.wilson@advancedhealth.rainporchhosting.com if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Updates

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