Advanced Health Board of Directors

Board Members:

Chair – Wallace Webster, MD

Vice-Chair – Charles Toledo, MD

Secretary/Treasurer – Jason Bell, MD

Anushi Bulumulle, MD

Hammad Qadir, MD

Paavani Atluri, MD

Brian Moore – CEO, Bay Area Hospital

Elana Crane – CEO, Bay Clinic

Gregory Brigham, Ph.D. – CEO, ADAPT

John Kinna – CEO, North Bend Medical Center

Jeffrey Lang – CEO, Coquille Valley Hospital

Mike Rowley – Director, Coos Health and Wellness

Molly Johnson – Advantage Dental

Community Members:

Dale Hodges

Elaine Lortscher

Andrea Zamora

Becky Armistead

Board “Public Meeting” Notice

Advanced Health Board of Directors meetings are open to the public, including our members. Public comments are welcome. The public comment opportunity is not a discussion, debate or dialogue between the speaker and the Board of Directors. It is a citizen’s opportunity to express opinions on issues of Board business. Public comments are limited to two minutes per person. If you prefer to provide written testimony, please submit your name and comments to:

If you have questions about our board meetings, or would like to see meeting minutes, please contact: