Traditional Health Workers (THW)

Traditional Health Workers (THW) help with questions you have about your health care and social needs. They help with communication between your health care providers and other people involved in your care. They also connect with people and services in the community that can help you.

There are a few different kinds of traditional health workers:

  • Birth Doula: A person who helps women and their families with personal, non-medical support. They help through pregnancy, childbirth, and after the baby is born.
  • Community Health Worker: A public health worker understands the people and community where you live. They help you access health and community services. A community health worker helps you start healthy behaviors. They usually share your ethnicity, language, or life experiences.
  • Personal Health Navigator: A person who gives information, tools, and support to help you make the best decisions about your health and wellbeing, based on your situation.
  • Peer Support Specialist: Someone who has life experience with mental health, addiction and recovery. Or they may have been a parent of a child with mental health or addiction treatment. They give support, encouragement, and help to those facing addictions and mental health issues. They can help you through the same things.
  • Peer Wellness Specialist: A person who works as part of a health home team and speaks up for you and your needs. They support the overall health of people in their community and can help you recover from addiction, mental health, or physical conditions.
  • Tribal Traditional Health Workers: Someone who helps tribal or urban Indian communities improve their overall health. They provide education, counseling, and support which may be specific to tribal practices.

THW can help you with many things, like:

  • Finding a new provider.
  • Receiving the care you need.
  • Understanding your benefits.
  • Providing information on behavioral health services and support.
  • Advice on community resources you could use.
  • Someone to talk to from your community.

Call our THW liaison to find out more about THWs and how to use their services.

THW Liaison Contact Information:
Brandy Hille CHW, THW Liaison
541-269-7400 Ext 357

If we change the contact information for the THW liaison, you can find up-to-date information on our website at: