Oregon Health Authority Quality Incentive Measure Program

How the quality incentive measures work:

OHA allocates quality pool funding from a percentage of aggregate payments made to all CCOs for the year.

The CCO’s performance as a whole is measured by OHA.

OHA sets a Benchmark target for all CCOs in Oregon to work toward.

OHA also sets an Improvement target that is unique to each CCO, based on their performance from the previous year.

To meet an incentive measure, the CCO must reach either the state-wide Benchmark target or the individual CCO’s Improvement target.

2021 Quality Metrics

  • 2021 CCO Incentive Measure List

    • Childhood Immunization Status
    • Immunizations for Adolescents
    • Well-Child Visits for Ages 3-6
    • Timely Postpartum Care
    • Screening for Depression and Follow Up Plan
    • Cigarette Smoking Prevalence
    • Alcohol and Drug Misuse: Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral for Treatment
    • Preventive Dental Services for Children Ages 1-5 and 6-14
    • Oral Evaluation for Adults with Diabetes
    • Assessment for Children in DHW Custody (Mental, Physical, and Oral Health)
    • Comprehensive Diabetes Care: HbA1c Poor Control
    • Initiation and Engagement of Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment
    • Disparity Measure: Emergency Department Use Among Members with Mental Illness
    • Meaningful Language Access to Health Care Services

Resources & Contacts

Technical Specifications and Guidance Documents for CCO Incentive Measures
Amanda McCarthy, Quality Manager – amanda.mccarthy@advancedhealth.com