Upcoming Trainings and Events

2021 SPRING & SUMMER Provider Network Training Opportunities!

Advanced Health would like to support your team in completing trainings related to cultural competency.

These trainings are also opportunities for providers and healthcare clinicians to meet the new requirements of HB 2011 – specific regulatory boards requiring regulated professionals to complete cultural competency continuing education.

We can work with staff to develop a tracking and reporting process for completed trainings.  Training opportunities are posted below:

For questions, if we can assist or support you in your provider and clinic team training and education plans, or if you have ideas on training presenters or curriculum, please contact Shena Holliday, shena.holliday@advancedhealth.com. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The below trainings are NOT mandatory. These trainings are offered as optional CME credits:

Tobacco Cessation Counseling Training –

No-Cost, CME-accredited webinar for clinicians

What: Tobacco cessation counseling online training for all types of providers and care team members. This training is a self-paced, online training that focuses on the Brief Tobacco Intervention and Motivational Interviewing techniques.

When: Available now. The training takes approximately 45 minutes. This self-paced course can be started, paused and resumed later as needed.

Access the training: https://www.oregon.gov/oha/HPA/dsi-tc/Pages/tobacco-cessation.aspx

See more details here: https://www.oregon.gov/oha/HPA/dsi-tc/Pages/tobacco-cessation.aspx


Free online trauma-informed approach training modules –

Trauma Informed Oregon has created four FREE self-directed online training modules on the foundations of a trauma informed approach. Each module includes a content video, an additional “Voices from the Community” video that highlights how trauma informed care is being implemented in a specific community, additional resources that you can read to further your learning, questions that can be used for personal reflection, and a content quiz followed by a certificate of completion. The four modules have a total run time of about 75 minutes and can be completed at your own pace.