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Curry CAC Member

I am 52 years old and was uninsured for 4 years prior to coming on to the Oregon Health Plan. The Medicaid expansion allowed adults to be covered, without children, for the first time in years. It brought the ability to expand proactive services to the community. I was able to address some physical health concerns I had for several years that had gone untreated.
The most important part of the coverage provided by the ACA for me is mental health services. I’ve been on OHP for a little over two years and I’ve been participating in mental health services almost the whole time. Now I have someone I can trust that helps me to progress in my recovery.
I received dental services for the first time in five years.
With the Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO)’s – integration of services, creation of Community Advisory Councils (CAC) allows for true consumer voice in the process of reforming healthcare. ---Dori