CHIP Priority Areas:

Housing & Homelessness

Increase housing availability, increase quality and safety of house and support projects that address homelessness

Food & Nutrition Group

Supporting a healthy Coos County in which to live, work and play

Support efforts to decrease food insecurity and increase availability of healthy, nutritious food for all ages

Location: Advanced Health, 289 LaClair St, Coos Bay
Contact: Stephanie Polizzi at 541-572-5263 or email
Date & Time: 2nd Thursday of each month, 2:00pm to 3:00pm

This subcommittee works, in part, to encourage physical activity in the community.

Partnering to Create a Healthy, Thriving Community

Healthy Bytes is a one-year pilot project designed to unify health messaging across multiple community sites. Content has been developed by a Registered Dietitian with Oregon State University Extension.

Healthy Bytes Initiative


Support efforts to increase transportation options

Economic Stability

Support workforce development and employment programs
Increase knowledge about connection between income, inequities and health