FEARsome Clinic Information Flyer for Resource Parents

FEARsome, short for Foster Education and Resources, provides initial medical assessments, dental assessments and mental health assessments to new foster children in Coos and Curry counties. The clinic also works with the foster parents to organize future care for the foster child.

FEARsome clinic sees roughly 100 kids per year, all who have been referred by DHS due to being placed in the foster care system. The clinic hopes to provide education to foster parents, working with school systems to encourage trauma informed education and the hopes of enrolling foster children in a local Headstart program.

“Our goal was to serve the foster parents in a more efficient and convenient way. Since kids come into care usually in twos and threes it would mean that a foster parent might have to make 6-12 appointments to ensure that the child received all the initial screening that was state mandated. By bringing all the partners into the same facility at the same time, the foster parent was able to get all done at once. A one stop shop!” -Dr. Carla McKelvey

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