Community Advisory Council (CAC)
Curry County

Community Advisory Councils work in partnership with Coordinated Care Organizations to ensure that Oregon s health system transformation is a success. Community Advisory Councils, CACs, constitute a critical component in the CCOs ability to achieve the goals for which they were created: improving member health at a lower cost.

The CAC’s role is to make sure that the health care needs of the people in our community are being addressed. Most of the people on the council live in Curry County and are covered by the Oregon Health Plan with Advanced Health. The other council members are representatives of community agencies.  The CAC advises Advanced Health on community health needs and how to achieve better health, better care, while lowering costs.

Curry Community Advisory Council (CAC)

The Curry CAC meets on the 4th Thursday of each month from 12:00-1:30 pm.

If you are interested in attending a CAC meeting please contact Mellissah at 541-266-6579.

During COVID-19 Pandemic and to follow social distancing guidelines, the Curry CAC continues to meet virtually.

Meeting Minutes

  • Curry CAC Chair

    April Jordan, Chairperson

    Beth Barker-Hidalgo, Vice-Chairperson

We are looking for Advanced Health Members to join the Advisory Council. Please contact us if you are interested.