Clinical Advisory Panel

The Clinical Advisory Panel provides input on Advanced Health’s clinical programs and policies.  It is an interdisciplinary panel of clinicians who are part of the Coordinated Care Organization, including representatives from behavioral health, physical health systems and oral health.

Our current panel includes:

Kent Sharman, MD; Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Health; Family Medicine, Medical Director, North Bend Medical Center

Ben Messner, CEO,  Advanced Health

Anna Warner, Executive Program Director, Advanced Health

Kindra Kirchner, Clinical Executive Assistant, Advanced Health

Jane Gilbert, MD; Ophthalmology, Bay Eye Clinic

Thomas McAndrew, MD; Family Medicine, North Bend Medical Center, Bay Area Hospital Board of Directors

Jenni DeLeon, MD; Pediatrics, North Bend Medical Center

Charles James, MD; General Surgeon, North Bend Medical Center

William Moriarty, MD; Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, Bay Area Hospital

Shaneen Stacer, PhD; Integrated Behavioral Health, North Bend Medical Center

Thomas Holt, DDS; Primary Care Dentist, Advantage Dental

Jon Yost, MD; Pediatrics, Bay Clinic

Rohit Nanda, MD; Emergency Medicine, Bay Area Hospital