Board of Directors


Chairperson – Dr. Rajesh Ravuri, MD, Southwest Oregon IPA, Inc.

Vice Chairperson – Paul Janke, CEO, Bay Area Hospital

Secretary – Dr. Aleksandar Curcin, MD, Southwest Oregon IPA, Inc.

CEO – Ben Messner, CEO, Southwest Oregon IPA, Inc.

Gregory Brigham, Ph.D. – CEO, ADAPT

Melissa Cribbins – Coos County Commissioner

Mary Moore, MD – Southwest Oregon IPA, Inc.

John Burles – CEO, North Bend Medical Center

Ken Dukek – CEO, Curry Community Health

David Ameen – CEO, Coquille Valley Hospital

Peter Lund, MD – Southwest Oregon IPA, Inc.

Wallace Webster, MD – North Bend Medical Center

Arlene Roblan – Education

Sam Scott, DDS – Advantage Dental

Ginger Swan – Director, Coos Health and Wellness

Heidi Howard – The Vigue Company

Xandra McKeown – Local Community

Dori Statton – CAC Member