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July’s Healthy Food of the Month is Huckleberries!

Health Benefits of Huckleberries

These dark berries are found along roadsides and forests in the Pacific Northwest and are rich in history as well as nutrients.
1/2 cup raw huckleberries provides: 37 calories, <1 gm protein, 2 gm fiber, no fat, no cholesterol

Potential benefits of huckleberries:
• Rich in antioxidants vitamin C, polyphenols and cyanidins that fight inflammation and boost immunity and healing
• High anthocyanin content may help slow cancer tumor growth
• Contain potassium for healthy blood pressure, iron for oxygen transport and calcium for bone and heart health
• Fiber helps lower blood sugars, improve cholesterol, and aid in weight management
• Provide small amounts of B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and beta-carotene)
• Use fresh on salads or cereal, puree for salad dressing, toss in pancakes or baked goods or cook into syrups, jams or jellies
• Leaves can be brewed as tea to obtain additional antioxidants

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