Where to Send a Claim

Electronic claims

Advanced Health accepts electronic claims (837P & 837I) for professional and facility billing. We work closely with Trizetto Payer Solutions and their many trading partners on electronic claims submission.

The payer ID for professional is- DOCSO, (all alpha characters)

The payer ID for institutional is- UOCSO, (all alpha characters)

Questions on set up for electronic claims submission or if there are issues you’ve identified, please contact the Advanced Health account representative at Trizetto Payer Solutions.

Contact information:

Kristie Ludgate
TriZetto Provider Solutions
Office (800) 969-3666 ext. 1538
Direct (314) 898-9180
Fax (314) 802-5039
Email:  Kristie.Ludgate@trizetto.com

Paper Claims

Paper claims should be mailed to the address below (if you are unable to bill electronically or if you are submitting claim(s) for a member who has another insurance coverage as primary).

Claims Mailing address:

Advanced Health
Claims Department
P.O. Box 705
Elk Grove Village, IL 60009

All other correspondence should be addressed to:

289 LaClair St
Coos Bay, OR 97420

Claims department contact info:

Phone:  541-269-0567
Fax: 541-266-0141