Welcome to Advanced Health’s Active Living Program!

For Advanced Health Active Living Members

Active Living Program Documents:

Active Living Program Tear Off

Active Living Program Consent

We are offering this program as a tool to become a healthier person. This program is not covered by the Oregon Health Plan. It is supported and maintained by Advanced Health.  If you are interested in joining this program, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Call Advanced Health Customer Service to sign up for your orientation.
  • Your PCP needs to sign the tear off sheet labeled “Active Living Tear Off” and you need to bring it to your first orientation at Advanced Health.
  • You will get a TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) coupon for a year membership. You can choose a meeting place that best suits your needs.
  • You will also be given a voucher to bring to the exercise facility or pool that is working with Advanced Health as a partner. We work with various gyms and the pool facilities in Coos Bay, North Bend, Bandon, Coquille, Port Orford, Gold Beach and Brookings. You can only choose one of the exercise facilities or pool facility per month. If you have a request for a different exercise facility or pool, please let us know.

Criteria to follow while in the program:

  • Attend the gym or pool at least 3x a week during your enrollment in the program. Your attendance will be monitored at each facility. If you do not attend we may cancel your membership.
  • Check in every month to renew your membership.
  • Have continual weight loss every month. If you have gained over your starting weight by the end of 3 months we will ask that you take a 3 month break and to speak with your Primary Care Provider. You can then restart at the end of a 3 month break. You will need to bring in a new Advanced Health Active Living tear off sheet signed by your PCP.

You can request nutritional information with a nutritionist through your primary care provider.

You can take time off if your PCP feels that you should not do any exercising due to health issues, vacation, child care and/or transportation issues.  Call Advanced Health Customer Service to put a hold on your membership. When you can begin exercising again, you can call Advanced Health Customer Service at 541-269-7400 to restart. If you are out due to health issues we will need a note from your PCP to start the program again.